Hello, so glad you stop by.
We are Ivy and Chien, the gals behind Oh Miss Chic. When the company was first founded, it was built purely out of motherly love. We mainly served the parents community of Seattle but soon advanced to serve at weddings and larger events. As the company matured, our services fine-tuned and during our career training Ivy and I partook every year, we soon fell in love and found our creative voice in floral design.

Our floral and event design process starts with a free consultation but the conversation does not stick to a Pinterest board from the beginning and end. For us to best serve your interest, we want to get to know you and tell your stories visually. We will then further break down elements from the stories and styles that you've shared and piece together a design board along with a proposal. After the proposal is approved, we begin the production stage, depending on the scale of events, it may take weeks to months, so after you check out our gallery and like what you see, call or email us! Let's chat!

Ivy and Chien

The dynamic duo behind Oh Miss Chic, with backgrounds in fine arts both 3-D sculptural and 2-D oil painting alike, they will bring their unique perspective to tell your visual story.

Call (530) 564-6477 or email contact-us@ohmisschic.com